Free and secure elections constitute the most fundamental assurance of freedom in our democracy. In many jurisdictions, the election systems are imperfect and not sufficiently resistant to tampering, both technical and malign. This website is intended as a meeting point and information clearinghouse for activists who aim to ensure the security of all future elections across the Nation.

Our team, self-assembled by political activists from Indivisible chapters and other groups, will post relevant information related to election security laws, regulations, and practice. We will try to include data from as many jurisdictions as possible. For this, we need to rely, in large part, on input from you, members who will hopefully join us and post information on this site.

The ultimate goals are to interact and work with election authorities on the local level everywhere to insist on common sense security measures for all elections, such as paper ballots; paper trails for ballots, preferably non-electronically generated; electronic isolation of voting equipment during elections and during vote counting; risk limiting audits of all elections; and backup paper copies of eVoting registration lists at all voting sites.

We will post relevant information as it comes in, both from you and from our team, regarding

  • current voting regulations in individual jurisdictions,

  • outlooks for improvements, wherever we have this information,

  • current actions being undertaken for improvements by activists, both us and others,

  • major news items, regarding legislative efforts in this area, federal, state, and local,

  • past and future webinars, aimed at connecting election security activists and providing them with suggestions for action.

We will host and encourage conversations on our secure-elections-network@groups.io meeting site, to exchange ideas and information in near-real time. We hope in this way to develop strategies and tactics that will ensure the integrity of future elections in the United States.